Tarot Celtic Cross App for Android by Ztarot

Click the icon or click here to be transported to Google Play Store to view the details of our new product Tarot Celtic Cross App for Android by ZTarot.

ZTarot faithfully and meticulously performs the Ancient Celtic Cross Method to answer your question. The reading is automated and easily navigated even by those with no prior experience.

ZTarot uses the Rider-Waite deck. It displays beautifully on your Android phone.

Begin by selecting the “Significator,” which is the Tarot card that best represents you, another person, or the matter about which you inquire.

Simple step by step instructions guide you through the reading.

ZTarot displays Tarot cards upright or reversed together with the divinations for each. All Tarot cards are fully explained, as well as the meanings of the positions where the Tarot cards are placed!

ZTarot knows which way the character in the card you choose as the Significator is facing, and adjusts the spread accordingly (the card in the position for “what is before you” is switched to the position for “what is behind you” if the Significator faces it). ZTarot flags and explains the meanings of “recurrences” (pairs, three of a kind, and four of a kind) in the spread.

ZTarot uses the exact language of the Rider-Waite book and the program follows the detailed method set forth therein to do the reading.


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