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Posted by Admin on Apr 30, 2004 - 04:09 PM

pnTarotOne? is our original "One Card Monte" Postnuke Tarot module complete with card images and descriptions! This script is available in our Downloads Section under Postnuke, pnTarotOne, and is free to use for non-commercial purposes only.

pnTarotOne? allows a registered user to type in a question, shuffle the deck, and draw a random Tarot card in answer thereto. pnTarotOne? will then reveal whether the Tarot card is drawn "upright" or "reversed," show the card drawn, and explain its meaning. Use our Daily Tarot block on your Postnuke start page to view the card and meaning in a block!

We invite you to try pnTarot?, phpTarot Lite?, and pnTarotOne? with our Daily Tarot block which are all fully functional at our site OuterDomain.com [1]. For Windows uses, we also now offer a three card "Past, Present and Future" Tarot called Tarot Windows? (our personal favorite).

pnTarotOne? has been thoroughly tested on both Linux and Windows servers with Postnuke 0.726-3 and on the new 0.750 Gold version with legacy support installed.


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